Betty Beeson


I’m Betty Beeson born and raised in Wayne County, Illinois.  Besides doing genealogy I spend time in my flower gardens.  When I find the time I really enjoy going to abandoned cemeteries.  It’s a real joy when probing in the area of standing stones a buried stone is located.  Several really old stones have been discovered this way.  A couple were 18 inches underground.  One was Mehitable Smith wife of Beverly Smith.


We now have three great granddaughters the youngest being 7 months. They all are a great joy to us in our golden years.


The oldest one is going on 14.  She is Captain on the scholastic bowl team, is also on the volleyball and track teams.  She enjoys reading classic novels, paints and likes to shop.  Last year she was nominated by all the teachers for student of the year.  This was a real surprise for her. .

The middle one is now in kindergarten.  Loves school and always excited to pull her papers out and show them all to us.  One of her main pastime is having grandpa drive his truck through the fields pretending it’s a school bus.  They stop and pick up imaginary children and take them to school.

The little one is dressed in her first Halloween costume.  Little strawberry shortcake is always smiling and truly a happy little cherub.

Not all records were destroyed when the old fireproof building burned.  Wayne County circuit clerk’s records begin about 1820.  I still do research for a fee.  I will travel to the following Illinois counties to do research: Clay, Edwards, Hamilton, Jefferson, Richland, Wabash and White.

My Published Books I will Reprint and their Prices

To contact me for research or books:

Mrs. Betty Beeson
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